Time For Gratitude


When I was brainstorming fall ideas to share here on the blog, gratitude, of course, immediately came to mind. After all, this is the season of gratitude.  It seems this word is everywhere, on pillows, in art, and in so many online advertisements.

I had to ask myself, what is gratefulness? Is it Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family?

Certainly, that is what we think of most and logically during this fall season, as many of us will be gathering around a Thanksgiving table to share a meal and each other’s company.

Personally, the person I am most grateful for is my husband, Gary.

He never lets a day go by that he does not hug me and tell me how much he loves me.  He has been there with me throughout the good times, the financially low times, and he has also been my business partner- always advising me and offering me support and when it came to my blog, my business, my need to express my creativity on a daily basis, the best supportive and encouraging partner in business and in marriage.  My happiness and business would not be what is today, without him.

However, this Thanksgiving season, I wanted to challenge my own mindset and really examine what I am grateful for in my everyday life?  I want to truly focus on connecting to the people already in my life that have supported me on this crazy self-employment journey.  Those friends and family that I value and that support me.  It is time for me to give back to them.

I challenge you to do the same. Each of us is a conduit of love and each time we connect we have the ability to transform and shape one another, even through the smallest acts of love – such as simply listening to a friend, instead of focusing on what to say next.  Calm your mind and really listen.

We don’t need to fire off fireworks, bend over backwards for a loved one, or give a physical gift to those we want to express gratitude. The smallest act, such as listening, and truly being present for others can be the simplest and the hardest thing to do.  Why is it hard?  We have so many distractions in our busy modern tech times.  The cell phone has replaced our voice and our live contact with others.

Simple acts of love are like when you skip a stone on water – we can see the ripples that extend all the way across a big body of water, when we dedicate ourselves to one moment and to one person, that act multiplies itself in the lives of those people around us.

Think of all the fall leaves that have been around you this fall season. They are everywhere – in abundance  and in full color on the trees, on the front yards of homes, in raked piles, or even blowing in the wind.  But did you really see them?

Those who live their lives filled with gratefulness see more fall leaves, because they are looking for them.  They see what is right in front of them, while many of us blear them out as part of the background.  They see love and friendship in the closest people around them for the same reason they see many more fall leaves – they are looking for  them and for those momentary connections.

So this Thanksgiving season, think of gratitude as a moment in time, but also as an expression of time that magnifies beyond just yourself.  Express gratitude by giving your full attention as a simple gift, a ripple that grows and extends to others and live in that present moment.

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Fall Boho Bridal Shower


Although the autumn weather is getting crisp, its not too late to host an outdoor gathering, as long as you still have mild temperatures in your area.  Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful fall colors and mild weather while the sun is still shining and before we all have to head indoors for the colder weather coming soon.

Whatever theme you are planning for your soon to be married friend’s bridal shower, be sure to know her taste and style.  A good indicator of this can be found in her home decor or maybe you were old college room mates – so her dorm decor would be a good direction to play off of for helping to plan the bridal shower.  Also, determine her favorite colors and fashion style.  Remember, the bridal shower should be stress free and a celebration of her – so don’t approach the engaged friend with everything about the up coming shower.  Ask basic questions about her dream wedding and favorite colors, without her feeling as though she is having to plan the event for you.

Be sure to stop by the I DO WEDDING & BRIDAL DESIGNS shop for all your bridal shower decorations and to start planning your bridal shower!

This outdoor bridal shower features a soft pastel color scheme mixed with traditional autumn colors or orange, maroon, and tan.  The soft pink and lavender rose style flowers play off the fall colors and pumpkins for a stunning mix of colors.

Adding in a few BOHO or bohemian elements, such as the dream catcher and cattle skull adds to the unusual theme, yet this still works for stylish trendy bridal shower and all these elements compliment the outdoor setting.

A backdrop or background, such as this jute rope curtain, is always a great starting place for planning any celebration.  Once you have determined this main focal point for the event – all other elements for the shower can begin to compliment the backdrop and build off of it.  This backdrop featured above is perfect for an outdoor event because it divides the seating and food serving area, yet still allows for the guests to fully appreciate the outdoor surroundings since it is essentially transparent.

Visit all my other tips and ideas here on my blog for backdrop inspiration by clicking – HERE!

Food is as important as the bridal shower decorations.  Feature your bride’s favorite food- maybe it is cake, pie, cupcakes or cookies.  Or maybe she does not even have a sweet tooth?  There is no rule that sweets must be served at a bridal shower.  Be creative and find out the food she loves and just to be on the safe side, find out what she does not like to eat as well.

Add an element of light, fire, or candlelight too.  If it is still warm for your outdoor shower, that inevitable means bugs- so consider placing citronella candles around the outdoor area and keep your food covered until ready to serve.

These food tents are the perfect way to manage outdoor events – FOOD TENTS

Include some natural elements that coordinate to your theme, such as fresh flowers, or for this featured fall baby shower, large and small pumpkins and gourds are tucked in behind the signage and elsewhere to pull in the fall colors and accents from nature.

Finally, make serving the food easy and placed all in one area, like this rolling food cart that is easy to set up inside and then simply roll it outdoors.  Rather than making many trips in and out to bring the food out, putting it all on a cart can make for fewer trips.  Plus, its a trendy and stylish set up, as bar carts are now so affordable, such as this – BAR CART that can be ordered online.

I hope these bridal shower tips were helpful and this outdoor BOHO fall themed bridal shower have inspired you to start planning your upcoming celebration of marriage.




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Thanksgiving & Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

25 Fall Porch Decorating Ideas To Greet Your Guests For Thanksgiving

It’s time to transition from Halloween to Fall home decor to greet your guests in style for your upcoming Thanksgiving gathering.  Before you start planning your Thanksgiving dinner menu, today I have 25 ideas to get you going in the right direction for decorating your porch for a stunning autumn front entrance.

Having a seasonally decorated front porch helps to create a mood within your home as well as stating something deeper about your personality. By going with simpler decorations, you can communicate to others that you appreciate simple yet stylish touches. Through your choice of decorations, you can also make your porch a more inviting space for visitors during the fall season.

Effective fall decorating is all about choosing the right combination of color palettes and schemes. With fall decorations, this means combining browns, oranges, yellows, reds and greens in a way that is pleasing to the eye and right for your porch space.

When choosing from different fall porch decors, it is important to take the overall style of your home into consideration. The wrong porch decorations could detract from your home’s charm if not done correctly. You should take time to consider different fall porch design ideas and choose one that works best for your porch.

Before we get to the stunning 25 fall porches, but sure to stop by any of my Etsy shops for all your fall home decor, tableware, Thanksgiving favors and more-





1. A Playful, Country-themed Fall Porch Décor

A Playful, Country-themed Fall Porch Décor

2. A New Take on the Classic Pumpkin

A New Take on the Classic Pumpkin

3. A Glowing Homage to Fall

A Glowing Homage to Fall

4. Cute Rustic Fall Porch Decoration

Cute Rustic Fall Porch Decoration

5. A Pumpkin and Flower Harvest

A Pumpkin and Flower Harvest

6. Porch Lamps with a Twist

Porch Lamps with a Twist

7. Words of Gratitude for a Good Harvest

Words of Gratitude for a Good Harvest

8. Welcoming in the Season

Welcoming in the Season

9. An Homage to Season Traditions of the Past

An Homage to Season Traditions of the Past

10. A Classic Take on the Harvest

A Classic Take on the Harvest

11. A Subtle Yet Colorful Fall Combination

A Subtle Yet Colorful Fall Combination

12. Wreaths aren’t Just for Christmas

Wreaths aren’t Just for Christmas

13. The Vast Possibilities of Simple Decor

The Vast Possibilities of Simple Decor

14. With Wood Decor, No Actual Pumpkins Needed

With Wood Decor, No Actual Pumpkins Needed

15. Pumpkins Can be Stylish Too

Pumpkins Can be Stylish Too

16. Fall Porch Design with the Basics

Fall Porch Design with the Basics

17. A Multicolored Perspective of Fall

A Multicolored Perspective of Fall

18. Southern Charm With a Fall Flair

Southern Charm With a Fall Flair

19. Multiple Steps to a Fantastic Fall Season

Multiple Steps to a Fantastic Fall Season

20. Pumpkin with Personality

Pumpkin with Personality

21. A Combination of Everything Fall

A Combination of Everything Fall

22. A Chic Take on Burning Leaves

A Chic Take on Burning Leaves

23. A Touch of White in the Fall

A Touch of White in the Fall

24. Birds Like Fall Too

Birds Like Fall Too

25. An Homage to Fall Gardening

An Homage to Fall Gardening

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